Friday, July 16, 2010

What I go to school for?

Truly it is not a big question because we had goes to school since we turn six years old kindergarten. But actually it is a big problem for a pupil or even students. Because, I also often confused when I have asked about the aim of schooling. I often think, why I have to learn some science I dislike, and have to memorize such a bored things.
There is a lot of education theory which explains the aim of schooling, how to learn in the school, and why we have to learn a various lessons. In contextual teaching and learning there is explanation about the use of school learning. But as we know not all of education are using contextual teaching and learning system, especially in learning practice.
Actually school is a place to train peoples for using their mind correctly and creatively, so they can face various problems in their life. And to make peoples up to reality, is needed a contextual teaching and learning system where they know the way to apply knowledge in real life. Learning of common lesson such as mathematics, history, geography, language, etc, is to makes pupil thinking correctly deeply and open minded and listen people politely, thinking before doing, and make conclusion with good argument, and also train their imagination.
So the real aim is not the lesson but the thinking way at the lesson, it is about logical ways. Because what we learnt in the school is not used directly in reality, it is as references of thinking. That’s why we had to learn a lot of lesson in the school, not just what we like.


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